All Weather Neoprene Paw Protector Dog Boots with Reflective Straps in 5 Sizes! (XXL (4.5×4.5 in.))

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Brand Bark Brite
Size XXL
Material Neoprene
Color Black
Care Instructions Hand Wash OnlyAbout this item
Dog Tested and Dog Approved! High Quality Breathable Neoprene Dog Booties that Conform to your Dog’s Natural Paw Shape and will Not Inhibit Natural Paw Movements. New and Improved Durable Rubber Sole with Tread. Water Resistant, Puncture Resistant, and Aid in Traction.
Bark Brite Booties are Great for all Weather Conditions, Indoor and Outdoor Activities including Walking, Running, Hiking, Hunting, Swimming, and other Moderate Performances. Great Water shoes, Snow shoes, and Protection on Rainy Days! Please note: These boots are not waterproof but are for protection.
Will Keep your Pup’s Paws Clean, Dry, and Safe with Protection from Ice and Snow, Hot Asphalt, Sharp Objects, Rocks, Wet Surfaces, and Many More.
Booties come with 2 Elastic Reflective Straps for 360 Degree Visibility and Easy Adjustment. 3.5 inch Slit in Back of Booties to make the On/Off Process Easy and Comfortable. Tough and Durable Non-Skid Soft Rubber Sole with Tread. Recently Upgraded Heel Guard for Extra Durability. Lightly Lined Inside to Control Temperature.
5 Sizes Available. Please Measure Full Rounded Width of your Dog’s Paw, as Shown in Images and Reference Size Chart for Best Fit. Material is Flexible and will Expand. Booties Extend Beyond Sole 4.5 Inches to Secure Placement and Ensure the Booties Stay On! Each Set Includes all 4 Booties.From the brand
Human Designed, Dog Tested, Dog Approved.
Our story
How we got our start?
Bark Brite wants to encourage you to pursue your dreams, learn something new, and make time to enjoy the important things. We are a small company working out of our home in coastal NC, designing dog products based on our adventures and experiences with our Golden Retriever, Simba.
What makes our product unique?
Bark Brite is different than all of the other brands. When you choose Bark Brite, you can rest assured you are purchasing a product that has been researched, specially designed, thoroughly tested and continuously upgraded based on your feedback.
Why we love what we do?
Bark Brite specializes in innovative designs to enhance your pup’s life. Our objective is to create products that protect your dog and improve your adventures, so you never have to leave your best friend behind.

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