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Brand XSY&G
Size Size 3:(2.5”x1.9”)(L*W) for 23-33 lbs
Color Black
Unit Count 1.00 CountAbout this item
【Size】Size 3:(2.5”x1.9”)(L*W) for 23-33lbs.Great for Standard Poodle;Schnauzer;Sheltie;Jack Russell Terrier;Cocker Spaniel etc.Please refer to the picture size chart,You can choose the right size for your dog for the most comfortable fit.
【High-quality materials:】 High quality fabrics,wear resistant,to bear or endure dirty, Have cute pet paw embroidery, soft and hand washable, fashionable yet durable.Durable soles,tough anti-slip sole provides stability and traction,Helps dogs with mobility and stability on tile and the sand .
【Comfortable:】Soft and breathable to paws,so allows the boots to be used indoors or outdoors, hot and cold in wet and dry conditions.Protection from sharp thorns and hot pavement.Effectively protect dog claws from heat, stones, glass, etc. It protect the weak paw from snow, ice, salt during winter.
【Safe and Adjustable:】Easy to put on / off ,the dog shoes are fastened firmly by 2 straps, which are long and adjustable , capable to prevent slipping off and supply a customized tightness for secure closure and have reflective straps,reflective lines enhance visibility all the night ,also make your love dog safe .Please try to tighten the straps after wearing,which can effectively prevent the shoes from falling off the dog’s claws.
【Friendly customer service:】Our size is based on the inner diameter of the shoe and is measured by hand,Please allow a little size error.You are welcomed to contact us for any questions about the products and services at any time.We will response within 24 hours,you can purchase with confidence.Multi-purpose:

1.These boots can keep the dog’s paws warm and dry in cold winter.

2.It can protect the dog’s paws from being burnt in hot summer.

3.It can prevent dogs from scratching carpets or wooden floors

4.It can protect the dog’s paws against hurt from stones, asphalt, grass etc. while walking.

5.It can keep the dog’s paws clean and dry on rainy days.

Measure method:

1) Place the pet’s paws on a piece of paper and press down on the top, mimicking how the paw spreads when the dog is walking.

2) Measure the paw length and width,mark the left and right sides on the paper and measure the distance between the marks.

3) Choose size according to width is better.

4) Choose the Right size for your dogs.

Size Referance:

Size 1:(2.3”x1.6”)(L*W) for dogs around 15lb

Size 2:(2.4”x1.7”)(L*W) for Schnauzer;Bichon Frise etc.(19.8lb)

Size 3:(2.5”x1.9”)(L*W) for Standard Poodle;Schnauzer etc.(Over 23lb)

Size 4:(2.51”x2.24”)(L*W) for Akita;American Cooker Spaniel etc.(About 33lb dog breed)

Size 5:(2.51”x2.36”)(L*W) for Border Collie;Cooke;Medium Chow Chow etc.(43lb mixed border collie;55lb American Pit Bull)

Size 6:(2.83”x2.59”)(L*W) for Medium Samoyed;Husky;Labrador;Medium and large Chow Chow etc.(65lb;70lb pitbull)

Size 7:(3.22”x2.91”)(L*W) for Medium Golden Retriever;Large Samoyed;Labrador etc.(75 lb GSP;90 lb German Shepherd)

Size 8:(3.22”x2.99”)(L*W) for Large Golden Retriever;German Shepherd,Rottweiler;Old English Sheepdog;Alaska Malamute etc.(80lb labradoodle;90 lb Lab)

Warm tips
*Don’t worry when your dogs start to walk with new shoes.You can try to encourage and guide your love dog to adapt to this new friend – shoes.

*Though the dog boots are waterproof, it can not be applied in deep water or in sands, because there may be water or fine sand seepage through sewing needle holes.

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