5.11 Tactical Men’s Utility Short Sleeve Polo Shirt


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60% Cotton, 40% Polyester
Button closure
High-quality fabric construction – this polo is made from 60% cotton and 40% Polyester materials, providing a breathable and lightweight shirt for optimum comfort.
Convenient to wear – designed with a three-button placket closure so you can easily wear it and quickly take it off, making it ideal for people who are always in a hurry or on the go.
Short sleeves – tailored with short sleeves that offer ample coverage for the arms without hindering movement. This top is developed with fade-, shrink-, and wrinkle-resistant fabric, making it a perfect casual polo shirt.
Comfort and style – designed to meet dress Code and functionality requirements with drop tail and side splits, this polo shirt will surely ensure maximized mobility while keeping you comfortable and cool.
Modern fashion – its integrated no-roll collar and dual pen pockets at left sleeve provide added functionality for a higher performance polo shirt, ideal for a broad range of job environments.From the manufacturer

About 5.11
The right mindset, training, and gear are what separates those who are ready and those who are not. Ready to help those in need, ready to protect and serve, and ready to crush goals. 5.11 embodies this mindset of preparedness. We make the gear for those individuals who are ready for any mission.
Trusted by those who demand the most out of their gear
Innovative fabrics and thoughtful design
Purpose-built gear for the most demanding missions
Always Be Ready
Utility Short Sleeve Polo
Style #41180 Mens Short Sleeve Polo T-Shirt
Consistently preferred by first responders, law enforcement, and fire professionals worldwide, the 5.11 Utility Short Sleeve Polo is engineered to provide the ideal blend of comfort, performance, and utility in a broad range of job environments. Also available in Long Sleeve.
Dual pen pockets at left sleeve
60/40 cotton/polyester pique knit fabric
Enhanced colorfastness
No-roll collar
Traditional three-button placket
Shrink, fade, and wrinkle resistance
Drop tail with side splits
Utility Short Sleeve Polo in Action
5.11 Tactical Makes Purpose Built Gear For Every Mission
Trusted by First Responders
5.11 works with First Responders from around the world to bring innovative solutions to a dynamic environment.
Innovative fabrics and thoughtful design
High quality fabrics for increased functionality and durability along with design elements for real world applications.
Carry in Confidence
Whether it’s for plain clothes duty or you’re a CCW permit holder, our line of concealed carry gear has been field tested and proven.
Always Be Ready
5.11 gear and accessories are used by those who are brave and bold. Ready for the challenges and for those who are ready to perform at their best.

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