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Introducing our African Spirituality Books for Beginners collection! Delve into the rich history, ancient practices, and sacred wisdom‍ of African spirituality with these ⁤enlightening books.​ Whether you are a curious beginner or seeking a spiritual​ awakening, these books will guide you on a‍ transformative journey.

Featuring a diverse range of titles,⁣ our collection explores various aspects of African spirituality, including traditional belief systems, rituals, deities, and healing practices. Each book is carefully written by experienced authors who have deep knowledge and understanding of ​African spirituality, ensuring an authentic and comprehensive⁣ learning experience.

To use these books effectively, start by selecting a title that aligns with your interests or ‌desired area of exploration within African‍ spirituality. Begin with the basics⁢ to grasp foundational concepts before delving⁢ into more intricate teachings. Find a quiet and ⁢peaceful space to immerse yourself in ‍the‌ readings, allowing your mind to absorb⁣ the profound knowledge⁢ imparted through⁢ the pages.

As you read, take notes to jot down key insights, questions, or personal reflections. African spirituality is a deeply personal journey, and these books serve as valuable resources to aid your growth. Engage in ​self-reflection and soul-searching exercises ⁤that some

African Spirituality Books For Beginners

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Discovering Your God Self…
The Incredible Secrets of Your Spiritual Nature Revealed

Our spiritual nature is the essence of who we are and is the determining factor in how our lives unfold.

But what does that mean and how does it work? Do we have control over our life’s path? Or do events dictate our lives and render us victims of circumstance?

It’s normal to desire happiness, love, success, and even inner peace. Many seek a magic ‘pill’ or nugget of wisdom to instantly bring these things into their lives.

That wisdom exists and its impact can be immediate. For most, though, attaining these desires is a process.

In fact, we’re all spiritual beings. That’s who and what we are. But most have become accustomed to looking outside of themselves — to the ‘outer world’ — for answers to life’s puzzles and problems and for the happiness, success, and love they desire.

Certainly, our world is meant to be experienced and enjoyed. However, when we depend only on the world and all its activities and experiences for our happiness and fulfillment, we lose our power and disappointments are inevitable.

Like a roller-coaster, the world is constantly changing. So what made us happy today may be gone tomorrow. Happiness then becomes a series of ups and downs and seems out of our control. There is a better way and it’s available to all.

Many conflate life with the physical world. Though we live in the physical world, we’re not supposed to lose sight of our spiritual nature — the real essence of our eternal existence.

Life is about the inner world — self-discovery — and our spiritual nature. Ultimately, that’s where we experience everything. But many fail to successfully navigate this introspective journey because they don’t know where to look and, more importantly, what to look for.

This is the essence of spirituality and higher consciousness living.

Discovering Your God Self is a roadmap for this journey. It shows the way, explaining in detail your true spiritual nature to help you understand and make the vital connection with this powerful aspect of ourselves.

Spirituality is a journey of self-discovery and a conscious connection with the spiritual essence we all have within — the God Self. This is the path to higher consciousness and is the spiritual awakening many seek.

“When we replace hope with wisdom we are empowered. We can live our dreams and manifest our desires, making life a conscious journey.”

Here’s what you’ll learn in Discovering Your God Self:

The fundamentals of our spiritual nature and how to use this vital information
The five inner spiritual elements and their importance in creating your best life
The Duality within — the hidden factor that secretly controls the lives of those unaware of this internal battle
A path to deepened awareness, inner connection, higher consciousness, and peace
How to actively access your inner guidance — your intuition — for real happiness
Much more…

We all have enormous power within, but most have not created a connection and relationship with this aspect of themselves, and don’t know how to actively and consciously enlist its help.

Discovering Your God Self presents a non-religious path to awareness, higher consciousness, peace, and happiness. It offers insights and a self-empowering perspective which, when applied, will lead to positive inner changes that then become real, outer-world experiences. This is the awakened state many seek and is the way to a happier, love-filled, joyful, and creative life.

Consciousness Calibration: This book calibrates at level 856 on Dr. David R. Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness.

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Life is supposed to be joyful!

Life is supposed to be joyful!

Bruce with wife, Becky

Bruce with wife, Becky

I Struggled…

Life was a struggle. I was doing all the things I’d been taught to succeed and be happy. But no matter what I tried, and I tried many things, life just wasn’t working the way I’d wanted.

My life began changing in 1984. I was in my late 20’s and living in the East Village in New York City. I thought I was happy but deep inside had a sense that something wasn’t right. I was about to learn that, in reality, I was unhappy – very unhappy. Life was ‘uncomfortable’. I wasn’t in charge. Things seemed to be on autopilot but heading in the wrong direction. That’s when some bizarre things began happening. These got my attention and led me to a search for something better, a new way.

This search became a committed quest for answers which took many years of diligent pursuit. Ultimately, I was introduced to my ‘inner selves’ where I discovered answers and a life of real and balanced happiness and peace.

It is my sincere desire to share this powerful and transformational information with others.

You’ll Love This Book…

Available in Softcover or Kindle. You

Available in Softcover or Kindle. You

The Profound Power of Our Spiritual Nature

What is spirituality? Generally, this question has been answered by the many religions in our world. But are they providing the best answers to this question? Could they be wrong?

Over the centuries, many religions have redefined spirituality to eliminate some of its most powerful features and functions from their teachings. The result has been a separation from our true nature. We’ve forgotten our true nature.

Contrary to some present day thinking, we are not bodies that have spirits. We are spirits currently inhabiting bodies for the purpose of experiencing the physical world.

Discovering Your God Self… The Incredible Secrets of Your Spiritual Nature Revealed explains in detail the spiritual nature we all share.

Spirituality is private and personal. It is the foundation of who are at the deepest levels of our existence and is a tether to everything in the universe.

Living a higher consciousness, spiritually based life offers a different perspective and existence in the physical world. It allows the fundamental essence of who you are to express in every aspect of your life. When you develop awareness of this inner essence and apply it to everyday life it will be a powerful ally, a tool to help you experience and achieve everything you desire.

This power already exists inside you, right now. It is ready to help you create a magnificent life. But you must consciously engage, access, and use it. It awaits your call. In the absence of that, it will not interfere. But this call must be made in the proper way. Yes… There is a technique to connect with and use the spiritual voice within.

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