Handmade Crochet Men’s And Women Unisex Slippers



Our Handmade Crochet Men’s And Women Unisex Slippers offer a sleek and modern design, with pure comfort and durability in mind. These Slippers will raise your style above the rest while providing you with all-day comfort and flexibility. Our Handmade Crochet Men’s And Women Unisex Slippers are built using lightweight materials and features to help ensure your feet stay cool, dry, and protected throughout the day. Our Handmade Crochet Men’s And Women Unisex Slippers are designed for a variety of occasions and can be worn from day to night. These Slippers are sleek, modern and fashionable. They will raise your style above the rest. Our Handmade Crochet Men’s And Women Unisex Slippers allow you to experience comfort, durability and quality all in one pair.

Canvas Sneakers Slippers: These womens-men winter warm socks Slippers are made of premium soft acrylic and wool blend, designed for maximum comfort, heat, and coziness, built to last you many years!
Eva Rubber Sole : Each pair features Rubber gripper bottoms to provide traction while preventing you from slipping and falling indoors. The non-skid sole is designed to help you stay on your feet while scaling steps, walking across hardwood or tiled floors, at home, in a cabin, camping, sitting by the fireplace, to sleep in, and much more
Custom Sneakers Slippers : The high quality fuzzy slipper men women socks slippers are suitable for different situation, you can wear them as as cabin slippers, sleeping slippers, home slippers, christmas slippers, boot slippers, funny slippers, thermal slippers, cozy slippers, fleece lined slippers in Spring, winter season or in any cold weather or snow areas!Our unisex booties, which are completely handcrafted, are designed using high quality organic cotton threads. Whether you wear these slippers at home or outside, it wraps your feet with its soft structure, both protecting and making yourself look stylish.

* Make great gifts! Do not think that crochet slippers booties are not suitable for men. In general, men might think crochet is suitable only for women , lets buy a pair of these slippers, and show them to it is suitable also for men. You see that when they warm to protect their feet from icy floors, they’ll be glad to have a crocheter Wonderful gifts for yourself.

* This crochet booties looks like the original shoe of Slippers. You can not notice the difference between the real one and the crochet slippers .

The white eva rubber soles is a creative invention which I use the soles under the crochet slippers to protect them. The eva rubber soles the soles against dirt, dust, wear and tear. It’s just wonderful to walk on slippery floors also. Moreover, you can turn your crochet-slippers into a street-shoes!.

* The eva soles are anti-slip helping your special one stay safe with better footing, and last longer than traditional crochet soles.

Keeps your feet warm and looks really awesome.

********** Please look at the size card picture for shoe size selection. ***********

There’s a real shoes image on this product. These bootees certainly keeps your warm feet. Very comfortable and looks great on the feet.

All of these items are handmade.

They have been produces with care and love.

Made of soft acrylic yarn.

Hand washable.

If you need another size or color, please contact me.

For other colors and sizes, please let me know.

All adult sizes as well as the children and baby ones can be specially knitted for you..

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