Leather Or Canvas Ballet Shoes



Introducing our ⁢exquisite Leather or Canvas Ballet Shoes, designed to provide the utmost‌ comfort and support during ⁢your ballet practice or‍ performance. These shoes are meticulously crafted to enhance your dance experience and enable fluid movements.

Our ballet shoes are available ⁤in two high-quality materials: leather⁣ and canvas. The‌ leather variant offers exceptional durability, while the⁢ canvas option provides ‍breathability and a lightweight feel. Both options ensure flexibility and allow your feet to breathe during‌ intense movements, preventing discomfort and blisters.

The shoes feature a sleek and streamlined design, hugging your feet snugly for a perfect fit. The elastic strap securely‍ keeps the shoes in place, providing stability and preventing them from⁢ slipping off during your ⁤routine. The split sole design allows for maximum flexibility,⁤ enabling you to point your toes effortlessly and accentuate the grace and elegance of ‌your movements.

To use these ballet ⁣shoes effectively, slide your ​feet ‍into them and ensure a comfortable fit. Adjust the elastic strap according to ⁤your preference, ensuring it​ feels​ snug but not too ⁤tight. Practice your dance routine on a suitable surface,⁢ making sure the shoes are properly laced up and securely fastened. As you dance, feel ‍the support ​and flexibility these

Leather Or Canvas Ballet Shoes

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Product Description



From the IJONDA:

Craftsman Spirit, Persisting in Research and Manufacture of Dance Shoes for 20 Years.

Persistent efforts to provide dancers with better dancing shoes.

With quality craftsmanship, That inspired greatness in dance schools and professional dance academies.

ijonda pointe shoes

ijonda pointe shoes

Product description:

IJONDA is committed to making high quality and economic dance shoes for ladies.

These are professional-level pointe shoes,Suitable for dancers of all levels,That can be used for practice and performance.

This kind of high-quality ballet dance shoes is made of satin, good luster, soft and comfortable.

Adjustable elastic band, good strength and tenacity, free to adjust.

Fixed lace-up the drawstring is sewn up and it’s easy to tie up, convenient to use.

Fine workmanship uses a double needle cord, tightly and neatly, resistant and durable.


When you are bending the sole, lease don not overexerting, Suggest to consulting a professional teacher.

Do not wash the shoes in water, which reduces the life of your shoes, you can use the chalk or eraser to scrub them.

Professional Ballet Pointe Dance Shoes with Ribbon

Professional Ballet Pointe Dance Shoes with Ribbon

size chart

size chart


1. The latest size chart has been updated in Sep.2022, please use our size chart as a standard reference.

2. Since shoes are sold all over the world, please do not take the number of the sole as the size.

3. Returned customers can compare the number of soles with the size chart to select the correct size.

4. Size 2 is for children, and the rest are for adults.

5. In general, for medium width foot, order your normal street shoe size. Women with very wide feet or men may order 1 size up. When you need to wear toe pads, their size will increase by about 0.5 or 1. In this case, you should increase the size of your shoes synchronously.

6. If you think the heel is too loose, you can pull the elastic bands to let the shoe wrap your foot.

US 2.0 (UK 0.5) children / 8.00″ / EU 32.0 / Sole 34 … … US 6.0 (UK 4.0) Womens / 9.13″/ EU 36 / Sole 39

US 2.5 (UK 1.0) Womens / 8.13″/ EU 33.0 / Sole 35 … … US 7.0 (UK 5.0) Womens / 9.25″/ EU 37 / Sole 40

US 3.0 (UK 2.0) Womens / 8.50″/ EU 33.5 / Sole 36 … … US 7.5 (UK 5.5) Womens / 9.38″/ EU 38 / Sole 41

US 4.0 (UK 2.5) Womens / 8.63″/ EU 34.5 / Sole 37 … … US 8.5 (UK 6.5) Womens / 9.69″/ EU 39 / Sole 42

US 5.0 (UK 3.5) Womens / 8.88″/ EU 35.0 / Sole 38 … … US 9.0 (UK 7.0) Womens / 9.88″/ EU 40 / Sole 43

Special mesh bag for ballet

Special mesh bag for ballet

Included a mesh bag and a pair of toe pads

We have carefully designed a special mesh bag for ballet pointe shoes. This mesh bag size allows dancing shoes to be placed side by side in the bag without inserting one shoe into the other. The mesh bag is made of high-quality nylon fabric, which is wear-resistant and durable. In addition, we included a pair of toe pads with each pair of shoes, made of high quality silicone material, which is very soft and skin-friendly.








The 23 inch ribbon is long enough to hold the shoe securely.


High quality silk-blend upper, viscose52%cotton48% , 120D*21S.


Special synthetic sole is used for pointe shoes to achieve the balance between plasticity and support. Fine sewing ensures a vertical center of gravity, reducing the probability of spraining.

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ No
Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 7.28 x 3.54 x 1.97 inches; 7.87 Ounces
Item model number ‏ : ‎ QJD01A-PS01
Department ‏ : ‎ womens
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ May 11, 2019
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ IJONDA
ASIN ‏ : ‎ B07RRJ6F5X

manmade sole
Size: Please use the size chart updated in September 2022 as the standard reference (the last main picture), do not take the number of the sole as the size, returned customers may compare it with the size chart to choose the correct size. Size 2 is children’s size, and the rest are adult size. In general, for medium width foot, order your normal street shoe size. Women with very wide feet or men may order 1 size up. When you need to wear toe pads, their size will increase by about 0.5 or 1.
Sole: Special synthetic sole for pointe shoes, slip-resistant and wear-resistant with lightweight, achieve the balance between comfort and support (IJONDA also has other models with full leather soles. We ditched the unscientific leather and paper mixed sole). The sole is sewn with double needle thread, and the stitching is tight and neat to ensure that the center of gravity is vertical to the entire shoe body, providing a high-quality experience for beginners and professional dancers.
Vamp: Mid-length upper and wide box are handcrafted to provide strong support and protection for the forefoot, reducing the possibility of sprains.The upper is made of expensive high-density satin, which is wear and tear-resistant, high-quality texture, beautiful color and bright luster.
Lining material and toe pads: Premium canvas insole is made of comfortable and breathable cotton to keep you dry. We also include a mesh bag and a pair of very soft silicone toe pads. The toe pads are odorless, non-irritating and safe.They stretch easily to fit most foot shapes, protecting your feet from injury and reducing pain.
Ribbons and others: The sewing ribbon is 24 inches long, very strong and won’t tear easily. Elastic rubber bands in the upper can be adjusted to make the shoe fit the foot. If you are not satisfied with the shoes, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.


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