ZenToes Metatarsal Pads for Women and Men – 4 Pack Ball of Foot Cushions (Beige)



Whether you’re looking for a new pair of shoes or a gift for someone else, [brand name] has something for you. Our ZenToes Metatarsal Pads for Women and Men – 4 Pack Ball of Foot Cushions (Beige) are made from the best leader and shoe materials to ensure quality, durability, and class. Our shoes, especially the ZenToes Metatarsal Pads for Women and Men – 4 Pack Ball of Foot Cushions (Beige) , are a top quality shoe for you and loved ones. Get ZenToes Metatarsal Pads for Women and Men – 4 Pack Ball of Foot Cushions (Beige) today! ZenToes Metatarsal Pads for Women and Men – 4 Pack Ball of Foot Cushions (Beige) can be found under the Ball-of-Foot Cushions category in our store.The ZenToes Metatarsal Pads for Women and Men – 4 Pack Ball of Foot Cushions (Beige) are made from the best materials to ensure quality, durability, and class.

Insole Type Comfort Insole
Size 4 Count (Pack of 1)
Brand ZenToes
Item Form Gel
Color BeigeAbout this item
Unisex Fit – This 4-pack of gel metatarsalgia dancer pads fit men’s size 6-9 and women’s 8-11 to offer more comfort, support and reliability across the entire forefoot. Unlike a shoe insole, our meta pads are designed to be worn over your foot for better fit and protection to the bottom of your feet.
Reduce Friction & Discomfort – Alleviate pain due to calluses, bunions, corns, sesamoiditis or Morton neuromas caused by long periods of standing, running, dancing, or other high impact activities. The cushioning gel comforts, soothes and balances your forefeet for all day relief, whether wearing high heels, running shoes or loafers.
4 Pack of Comforting Foot Supports – Relieves pressure on the ball of your foot by providing weight distribution and shock absorption while walking, running and standing. Protects the fragile sesamoid and metatarsals from further damage.
Best Value – ZenToes Metatarsal Ball of Foot cushions save you money because they are washable and reusable. Simply hand wash with gentle soap and warm water and lay flat to dry. With 4 pads in each package, you’ll always have a pair ready to wear!
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – ZenToes is dedicated to providing the best foot care aids possible. Our foot care products are made with medical grade materials and packaged in the United States for quality and durability you can trust every day.Product Description
Cushion the balls of your feet with ZenToes Gel-Infused Foot Pads. When you spend the day on your feet standing and moving around, they can feel tired, sore and downright painful. That’s why you need ZenToes Metatarsal Forefoot Pads to cushion your feet and prevent pain while standing, walking and running throughout your busy day. When you live an active lifestyle, your feet are under constant duress from the pounding and pressure caused by walking, running, jogging and staying on the go. And when your socks and shoes don’t give you enough support, you can quickly succumb to calluses, swelling and pain. ZenToes gel-infused foot pads help cushion the ball of the foot by redistributing weight and providing shock-absorbing comfort across the entire footpad.

Each package contains 2 pairs of Metatarsal Foot Pads made from a flexible, compressive fabric. Our gel forefoot pads are unisex so both men and women can enjoy the supportive shock absorption and cushioning of these foot pads. Don’t let foot pain slow you down another day, purchase your ZenToes Gel Foot Pads today.

At ZenToes we strive to provide the highest quality foot care treatments available. Our premium foot care products are made from medical grade materials to ensure that you receive superior products for your feet. Live an active, balanced, pain free lifestyle when you trust your foot care to ZenToes.
Relieve Pain From Standing, Walking and Running
ZenToes Metatarsal Gel Pads help to relieve pain in your forefoot by:
Cushioning the forefoot with a gel-infused pad
Providing gentle compression and support
Reducing friction and discomfort in the ball of your foot
Live an Active, Pain Free Life
Benefits of wearing ZenToes Pads on the Ball of your Foot:
Relieves pressure on the ball of your foot
Provides weight distribution while standing
Absorbs shock while walking, running and jogging
2 Pairs (4 Gel Pads) Per Package
How ZenToes provides the best value for your money:
Providing two complete pairs of cushioned gel pads in each package
Our pads are washable and reusable
We use high quality materials for longer wear
Why Choose ZenToes?
3 Quality Checks
Our products are checked for quality three times before they reach you:
Before they leave the factory
When they are received at our USA warehouse
When they are packaged in our USA warehouse
Packaging with a Purpose
Our products are packaged with dignity and purpose by individuals with diverse abilities.
These wonderful individuals work for Opportunities, Inc. in Wisconsin, a Community Rehabilitation Program.
Woman Owned Business
Fully owned and operated by a woman, ZenToes is dedicated to producing high quality foot care products, while providing the highest level of customer care in the industry.
When you buy from ZenToes, you’re supporting your feet, small business, and a good cause.

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